Ranking Guidelines

The American Beach Tour is proud to introduce a new national-level ranking platform for USAV Regions and their affiliates.  It is called the American Beach Ranking system and it will use the following ranking guidelines to award points for juniors and adults.

American Beach Tour Ranking Guidelines  (This link will open in a new window.)

The American Beach Ranking system (powered by SeedingPal.com) will be fully integrated with BracketPal.com.  

Benefits of using BracketPal.com & AmericanBeachRanking.com together:
-Online registration and payment options for participants.
-Real-time link to ranking points to expedite the seeding process for promoters.
-Online pool and bracket building for promoters.
-Online results tracking during the event for attendees.
-Direct import of final finishes into the American Beach Ranking System.

These two systems together create the most advanced, turn-key beach event management system available!